Law Triumphant

This book is one of Violet Oakley’s 300 signed original editions of Law Triumphant. Violet Oakley (1874-1961) was an American artist of Pre-Raphaelite influence, who painted a series of murals for several national institutions.
The volume contains 16 lithographic plates of her paintings in the Philadelphia Supreme Court Room, as well as 55 portraits of League of Nations delegates to the 8th-10th Assemblies, ILO and LON Secretariat members, and observers.
Text contents: The Opening of the Book of the Law, Upon the Walls of the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Miracle of Geneva: Pages from the Journal of an Artist in Geneva during the Eighth, Ninth & Tenth Assemblies of the League of Nations, 1927, 1928, 1929. Plates: The Opening of the Book of the Law. Delegates to the Assembly. Members of the Secretariat and of the International Labour Office. Observers and Visitors. Plates n°V and VI missing.
Donation by Prof. Andrew Clapham.
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