Manuscript letter of Louise Michel to Henri Rochefort after her return from New Caledonia (1880)

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Date12th November 1880
NotesAfter a 7 years’ imprisonment in New Caledonia, following her implication in the Commune, Louise Michel (1830-1905) came back to Paris, where she received a triumphal welcome by left-wing politicians, journalists and supporters (9th of November 1880).
NotesThe event was related in a polemic way by the journal Le Figaro in an article published on the 11th of November 1880. (This article is accessible on Gallica).
NotesLouise Michel sent a reply letter to the journal on the following day, which she copied and sent to the influential journalist Henri Rochefort (1831-1913), a former supporter of the Commune and editor-in-chief of the journal L’Intransigeant.
NotesOther manuscripts of Louise Michel are accessible on the International Institute of Social History website and the European Digital Cultural Heritage Gateway.
Digitization date2014
Original LibraryThe Graduate Institute, Geneva - The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Library