Manuscript letter of Louise Michel to Henri Rochefort after her return from New Caledonia (1880)

12th November 1880
After a 7 years’ imprisonment in New Caledonia, following her implication in the Commune, Louise Michel (1830-1905) came back to Paris, where she received a triumphal welcome by left-wing politicians, journalists and supporters (9th of November 1880).
The event was related in a polemic way by the journal Le Figaro in an article published on the 11th of November 1880. (This article is accessible on Gallica).
Louise Michel sent a reply letter to the journal on the following day, which she copied and sent to the influential journalist Henri Rochefort (1831-1913), a former supporter of the Commune and editor-in-chief of the journal L’Intransigeant.
Other manuscripts of Louise Michel are accessible on the International Institute of Social History website and the European Digital Cultural Heritage Gateway.
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