Reproductive rights oral history project with Amparo Claro - Podcast 1 of 2

DescriptionAmparo Claro was born on November 5, 1939 in Santiago, Chile. She studied in a Catholic School and in the Chilean Conservatory for Song and Music. She married an architect in 1960 and had two daughters. She lived in Paris one year and also in the US, where she divorced. She then came back to Chile and began to work in different fields until she could live independently with her daughters. At that time, she became a feminist and worked with a group against the Pinochet dictatorship. In 1984, in a meeting in Colombia she was chosen by Latin American feminist organizations as Coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Women ́s Health Network (LACWHN), where she worked until the year 2000. At present she lives by herself in Santiago near the pre-cordillera.