Pierre Ogay interviewed by Amanda Monroe

DescriptionPierre Ogay is the founder and owner of le Phare, a queer bar in Geneva, Switzerland. He has lived in Geneva since 1998, when he relocated to the city for his mandatory civil service in place of joining the Swiss army. Prior to opening le Phare, he managed other bars and seasonal terraces. Though he does not consider himself an activist, Pierre has a strong presence within the queer community in Geneva. Aside from running the bar, Pierre is interested in rock climbing and food systems. This interview aims to understand the beginnings of one of Geneva's most popular queer bars, le Phare. It discusses the conception of the bar and how it came to receive the queer identity that it has today. Interestingly, this interview follows the founder, who has continuously owned the bar, on his journey of creating an "open bar," gaining insight into defining the unique "queerness" of le Phare, extending beyond the typical "gay bar" definition oriented only towards men and into a more inclusive realm. The interview explores broadly why the bar attracts a queer audience. Although in conversation with a native French speaker, the following interview was conducted in English with some French words maintained.