Juji Faure interviewed by Amanda Monroe

DescriptionJuji Faure is a second-year master's student in neuroscience at the University of Geneva. Originally from Grenoble, France, they moved to Geneva in 2020 to pursue their graduate degree. While in Geneva, Juji began a social group, Sapphics in Geneva, to bring together individuals who consider themselves to be a part of the queer sapphic community. The group, who primarily exists on WhatsApp and Instagram, has grown to over 200 individuals. They also are a former member who was heavily involved in Think Out, the University of Geneva's queer student association. This interview aims to understand the perspective of a frequent patron of le Phare, and other queer social spaces in Geneva. It discusses what they believe makes a space queer and defines the difference between mere queer-friendly spaces versus overtly queer spaces. The interview follows the thought processes of an individual who planned dozens of queer events for groups encompassing all different queer identities. This interview investigates Geneva more broadly and what it is missing in regard to queer social spaces.