Deep Das interviewed by Saheli Chatterjee - Podcast 2 of 2

DescriptionDeep Das is the owner and chef at Burmese Bahar, a Burmese-cuisine restaurant in Kolkata, India. He is also a Fine Arts graduate from Kala Bhavan, Shantiniketan. The purpose of the interview was getting to know Deep Das's restaurant Burmese Bahar and understanding the inspiration behind it. The interview was conducted in the context of a broader PhD project that explores the history of circulation of Bengali families between British India and British Burma during 1900s-1970s. The interview traces Deep Das's connection to Burma explored through his grandmother's childhood in Rangoon up until the early 1940s. The interview explores the stories about Burma that Deep recollects his didan once shared with him and how it profoundly influenced creating Burmese Bahar in Kolkata. The interview was conducted in Bengali and has been subsequently translated and transcribed by the interviewer, Saheli Chatterjee. The translations and transcriptions have been authorized by the narrator for publication and usage.